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Everyone wants a great looking smile.  Modern dentistry has several techniques to help you on your journey to improving your smile.  One of those techniques is Porcelain Veneers.  There are several misconceptions regarding veneers and we will try to help dispel those myths.

  • Myth #1: Veneers will cover any tooth regardless of color, shape, size or misalignment in the mouth and look perfect. Prior to starting any work for Veneers, your teeth have to be in reasonably good condition.   Chattanooga Family Dentistry and Dr. Andrew Lunn need to perform a good comprehensive dental evaluation. Porcelain Veneers only are a facing to cover over normally healthy teeth.  If your teeth are suffering from decay or gum disease then veneers may not be the right treatment to start with at this time.
  • Myth #2: Veneers will last for the rest of your life  Unfortunately, nothing in dentistry can last a lifetime due to the amount of pressure we put on our teeth.  Different foods we eat or even the way we brush our teeth can create a lot of pressure!  Porcelain Veneers can last 10 to 15 years before they are needing to be replaced. If you grind your teeth at night, you may not be a good candidate for veneers as they will eventually chip or break over time.
  • Myth #3: You can whiten your veneers after treatment  Once thing to remember, unless God made it then you cannot whiten to a lighter color.  Once teeth have man-made material on them then no amount of whitening gel will change that color.  We always recommend that you begin with a custom take home whitening kit from Chattanooga Family Dentistry or come in for a quick Zoom whitening system prior to starting your work.  This will help us give you the best results in terms of whiter, brighter teeth.
  • Benefits for having Porcelain Veneers  Veneers are a very good solution to correct the following: stained teeth; dark yellow colored teeth; chipped or broken teeth; slightly crooked or misaligned teeth; gaps or spaces between teeth; and holes or fractures.  Veneers are usually prepared with minimal loss of tooth structure and are chemically bonded to your existing teeth.  Veneers are a great way to enhance your smile to make it picture perfect. 

For more information you can call us today for your new patient evaluation at 423.553.8858.  Dr. Andrew Lunn performs high quality Cosmetic, Implant, Sedation and General Dentistry at 1606 Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga, TN.  Call us today for your Free Porcelain Veneer consultation!

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